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Rebecca Harms

b. 1956

Rebecca Harms portriat

Rebecca Harms, born 1956 in Lower Saxony, is a German environmentalist and Member of the European Parliament.

  • Nationality
  • German

  • Subject
  • Environment

  • Fields
  • Politics, Green Party of Germany, European Parliament

  • Posts
  • Advisor to Undine-Uta Bloch von Blottnitz, MEP, 1984 - 1988.

    Production manager at Wendland Film co-operative, making documentary films, such as about the Gorleben Anti-Nuclear Protest Movement.

    Member of the Landtag of Lower Saxony, 1994 - 2004.

    Chairperson of the Greens at state level, 1998 -

    Member of the Parteirat, the German Greens federal executive council.

    Member of the European Parliament for Alliance '90/The Greens, 2004 -. Re-elected 2009.

    President of the Greens-European Free alliance, 2010 -

    Vice Chairperson of the Temporary Committee on Climate Change, 2007-9. She was part of the EP delegation to the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference in Bali.

    Member of the Parliamentary Advisory Board for the German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF).

  • Theories
  • Harms has strong anti-nuclear power views.

    She opposed funding ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) fusion project in France, proposing the money be better spent on renewable energies.

  • Experiments/Discoveries
  • Website of Rebecca Harms

Rebecca Harms of the Greens-EFA (European Free Alliance) at Budapest
Rebecca Harms of the Greens-EFA. EU environment policies set high standards for itself but also serve the world as an example.

She is a long-standing member of the German Greens, and today leads the Green Movement, both in Germany and in Brussels. As president of the Greens/EFA (European Free Alliance) in the European Parliament, she leads a sizeable minority of 50 seats.

Her political activist career began in 1977, when she founded the Gorleben Protest Movement against the planned long-term nuclear waste repository. In 1988, she made a documentary about the Chernobyl disaster.

She has been a sitting parliamentarian, first in 1994 in Lower Saxony, then from 2004 in Brussels, making her one of the most respected and influential environmental activists in Europe today.

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