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Edward Stone

1936 -

Ed Stone

Edward Stone's name is synonymous with space exploration. For more than 50 years he has been a leading scientist behind the NASA unmanned probes to Mars, the giant planets, and the outer reaches of the solar system.

  • Nationality
  • American

  • Subject
  • Physics, space

  • Fields
  • Astrophysics, space probes, planetary science

  • Distinctions
  • National Medal of Science, 1991

    Carl Sagan Memorial Award, 1999

    Magellanic Premium, 1992

    NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, 2013

  • Posts
  • Director of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), 1991 - 2001

    Professor Physics, California Institute of Technology

    Director of the Caltech Space Radiation Laboratory

    Morrisroe Professor of Physics

    Vice-chair of the 30m Telescopt Board of Directors

    Project scientist and spokesperson for the Voyager spacecraft missions, 1972 -, and other NASA missions

  • Publications
  • Edward Stone is author or co-author of 20 papers listed in his JPL biography page, including:

    Communications Technologies for Space Exploration, 1999, paper, for Proceedings of the IEEE

    Effects of Absorption by Io on Composition of Energetic Heavy Ions, 1996, co-author of paper, for Science

    Energetic Particle Signatures of Satellites and Rings in Neptune's Magnetosphere, 1992, co-author of paper, for Advances in Space Research

    Face to Face - with Edward Stone, 1992, co-author, for Aerospace America

  • Experiments/Discoveries
  • Space Probe missions in which Professor Stone has been involved: Voyager 1 and 2, Mars Pathfinder, Sojourner Rover (Mars), Mars Global Surveyor, Deep Space 1, TOPEX/Poseidon, NSCAT, Cassini, Stardust, 2001 Mars Odyssey

Ed Stone
Ed Stone, project scientist for NASA’s Voyager missions. Dr. Stone has been with the Voyager programme since the start.

Ed Stone began his space science career with cosmic ray experiments aboard the Discoverer satellites, 1961. His career with NASA has spanned over half a century, and he has been following the Voyager spacecraft since their launches in 1972-3.

He has been a physics professor of note, and has published over 20 papers on space exploration and planetary science.

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