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Circular Motion

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: An LP record is rotating on a turntable. Point A is at a point halfway between the centre of the record and the edge of the record, and Point B is on the edge of the record. What is the ratio of their linear velocities ${v_A}/{v_B}$?

Question 2: An object of mass 4kg is rotating at constant speed in a horizontal circle of radius 2m. The period of rotation is 3s. What is the centripetal force?

Question 3: A motorbike skoots around a circular track of radius 30m at constant speed 15 m $s^{-1}$. What is its acceleration?

Question 4: The speed of a satellite in a circular orbit, radius 10,000 km, around the Earth, is $6.3 ⋅ 10^3 m s^{-1}$. What is the acceleration of freefall at any point in this orbit, in $m s^{-2}$?

Question 5: An object travels at constant speed in a horizontal circle of constant radius. Which of the following quantities are constant during the motion?

Question 6: A car moves around a horizontal circular track with a constant speed. Which of the following statements is true?

Question 7: What is the angular velocity of a satellite in geosynchronous orbit?

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