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Distance and Displacement

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: What is the displacement when a runner completes one lap of a 400m track?

Question 2: In the diagram, what is A's displacement after 4 seconds? Displacement/time graph

Question 3: A man walks 1 km north, then 1 km west. What is his displacement from his starting position? Hint: use Pythagoras's theorm Pythagoras

Question 4: A boy on a bicycle goes around a circular track with radius 24m 3 times per minute. What is his displacement from the starting point after 70s?

Question 5: A student uses a compass to walk 100 paces at 135° (polar coordinates are measured clockwise from north), then 150 paces at 315°. What is her displacement from her starting point?

Question 6: A girl rides her bike at 18 km/h. What is the distance she has travelled after 25 minutes?

Question 7: A girl rides north at 18 km/h for 30 minutes, then west for 15 minutes, then south for 30 minutes. What is her displacement at the end from her starting position?

Question 8: Which line, blue or red, indicates an object moving faster? Displacement/time graph at constant velocity

Question 9: A boy on a bicycle starts from the football field and travels towards school. A teacher leaves school on a motorbike at the same time and rides towards the football field. If the teacher travels twice as fast as the boy, where do they meet?

Question 10: What motion is an object undergoing if its displacement graph shows: a) a straight line going up,
b) a curve going up?

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