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Renewable and non-renewable energies

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1:

A spacesuit is designed so that it has very little loss or gain of energy from the surrounding space. What is NOT true about a spacesuit:


Question 2:

How many times would a 10cm-diameter ball bounce if it is dropped from a 1.0m height and its elastic-kinetic energy conversion efficiency is 50%?

Question 3: Entropy explains that: Stars against a nebula

Question 4: What does the useful energy do in a machine which converts energy?

Question 5: Why can no energy conversion be 100% efficient?

Question 6: What is the efficiency of a coal-burning power station if it uses 1 GJ of energy per second to produce 300 MW of electrical power? Coal-burning power generation

Question 7: How much energy is converted to what form when a 60kg skier takes a skilift 200m up a mountain? Skier

Question 8: The electrical motor of a pulley is 33% efficient. How much power is needed to lift 1kg 1m in 1s?

Question 9: A boy has a good lunch of carbohydrates (spaghetti bolognese). He then runs his best time ever in a race.
What are the energy conversion processes which provide him with the energy he used?

Question 10: Ticino, Switzerland, where lives, uses mostly hydropower electricity. What is the common factor between these things in Ticino?:
A battery-powered calculator
A skateboarder doing his stuff on a half-pipe
A cuckoo clock
A washing machine
A hawk swooping down on a mouse
Red-tailed Hawk

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