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Law of Gravitation

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: If the distance between two bodies is doubled, what happens to the gravitational attraction between them?

Question 2: Newton's Law of Universal Gravity assumes the mass of the Earth is concentrated at a point at the centre of the planet.
Do people feel heavier as they go down a deep mine?

Question 3: Planet Y has a mass twice that of Planet X, and Planet Y has a radius twice that of Planet X. What is the ratio of the gravitational field strength on the surface of Y to that on X?

Question 4: The escape velocity from the surface of a planet depends on:

Question 5: Gravitational potential at a point is defined as the work done

Question 6: The gravitational potential between two bodies is:

Question 7: The gravitational field strength of a mass M is:

Question 8: Two stars have the same density but star A has two times the radius of star B. What is the ratio of the gravitational field strength at the surfaces of the stars?

Question 9: What is the gravitational field strength at the surface of a planet with density ρ and radius R?

Question 10: A mass m is at the centre of a thin, hollow sphere of mass M and radius R. What gravitational force does m experience?

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