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Newton's Laws of Motion

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: What is Newton's First Law of Motion?

Question 2: A rocket accelerates into orbit. The thrust is explained by: Space Shuttle

Question 3: The concept of momentum is covered by which law?

Question 4: The speed of a bullet can be measured by the recoil (backwards force) of the rifle. Which law helps us to do this?

Question 5: Isaac Newton invented which group of inventions? Newton

Question 6: What is the symbol for momentum?

Question 7: What is 'apparent weight'?

Question 8: Why does Newton's Second Law of Motion use $F_{net}$ in the equation: $F_{net} = ma$?

Question 9: Both elastic and inelastic collisions conserve momentum. But what do elastic collisions conserve that inelastic collisions do not?

Question 10:

Which principle of Newton's First Law explains inertia?

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