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Projectile motion

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: A parachutist jumps out of an aeroplane and reaches terminal velocity. He is carrying two balls of the same size but different densities. One density is greater than his own density, the other less. He stretches out his arms and releases the balls together. What will he observe? Freefall and wind resistance

Question 2: A hawk sees a mouse from 50m high above it. The hawk can swoop down at the acceleration of gravity. The mouse can run at 8 m/s. Its burrow is 12 m away. By how long after the hawk starts to swoop must the mouse see it in order to reach safety in time? Red-tailed Hawk

Question 3: A 10kg is launched at 10m/s, and follows the trajectory marked in red in the diagrams. If a 20kg mass is launched at 10 m/s, which of the blue lines shown would be its trajectory if air resistance is negligible? Projectiles question

Question 4: A 10kg is launched by a catapult. Now a 20kg mass is launched by the same catapult. Which of the diagrams is a possible portrayal of the trajectories, and which mass is the blue line and which is the red line? Projectiles question

Question 5: A smooth, heavy steel ball is droppd from rest. After $t_1$s it passes point X, after $t_2$s it passes point Y. The distance $h$ is the distance between X and Y. What is the acceleration of free fall?

Question 6: An object is projected at an angle upwards in the Earth's gravitational field. Points A,B, C, D, E are positions of the object after successive equal time intervals. E is the highest point reached.
The displacements AB, BC, CD, and DE:

Question 7: A cannon fires a 12kg ball at an angle of 38°. The same cannon now fires an identical ball at 52°. What is true about the two trajectories?

Question 8: A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a cliff with an initial speed v. The time of flight is t and the range is x. Air resistance is negligible.
For a ball thrown horizontally from the top of the cliff with an initial speed 3v, which of the following is correct?
Parabola question

Question 9: A football is kicked with initial velocity $u$ at an angle θ to the horizontal and reaches the ground $t$ seconds later.

Question 10: Immediately after being fired from a cannon, a cannon ball does not possess:

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