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Speed and Velocity

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: In this Displacement/Time graph, which of the objects, A, B, or C, is moving at the greatest speed? Displacement/time graph

Question 2: A man walks 3.0 km from home to work. Then he walks home again. What is his a) total distance travelled? b) total dislacement at the end of the day?

Question 3: In this Displacement/Time graph, what are the velocities of the objects described by the two lines? Displacement/time graph at constant velocity

Question 4: In this Displacement/Time graph, what is the average velocity of the object over the 12 seconds shown? Velocity graph

Question 5: Hussain Bolt ran 100m in 9.58 seconds, and 200m in 19.19 seconds. In which event did he run a faster average speed? Hussain Bolt

Question 6: A racing car takes 10s to travel 1000m. What is its speed in m/s and km/h? Mr Bean

Question 7: A balloon is drifting south, and takes 4 hours to move 120 km. What is its speed and velocity?

Question 8: A girl runs at 8 km/h from her home to a shop, and then runs back home at 6 km/h (carrying a bag). What is her average speed and average velocity?

Question 9: Mo Farah, the British athlete, can run 5000m in 13 mins and 26 s. What is his average speed? Mo Farah

Question 10: A cheetah can run at 93 km/h, but can only sustain this speed for 30 seconds. A gazelle can run at 75 km/h for much longer. How close must a cheetah be before it starts its attack to be sure of a kill? Cheetah

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