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ScienceLibrary is an ambitious project run by Renewable.Media Publications and Network.

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Our Mission

Science Library is dedicated to information excellence, and equality of access to education for all people.

What does Science Library offer? is a growing resource of original encyclopedic references, written by science writers and teachers. is designed and managed to ensure it remains a safe meeting place, governed by principles of mutual respect and the right of all to free speech. It is non-profit, and therefore free of invasive technological tricks and distractions. It aims to be a model for how the Internet should and can be used freely and intelligently, while at the same time protecting absolutely rights to privacy and personal data. We seek to uphold these challenging standards, and invite you to help us in this quest through feedback, suggestions and technical advice.


Andrew Bone Andrew Bone, BSc, Dip(PC), MSc (Imperial College, London), director of ScienceLibrary.

Andrew Bone has been a teacher for over 20 years, and developed the science and mathematics material in middle school and high school classroom environments.

Andrew Bone is the author of Vitruvian Boy, a comic novel about the history of science and mathematics.